Alejandro Arce-Gonzalez

Online Advertising Strategist

The Mission:

Deliver Consistent & Profitable Traffic to Your Website

Millions of clicks and high rankings are great, but if those visitors aren't giving you their credit card then it doesnt matter. My #1 objective is to increase your revenue and profits.


"Alejandro is literally the PPC and online marketing King!"

"Alejandro has managed and optimized PPC campaigns for us with hundreds of thousands of keywords super efficiently. Alejandro is literally the PPC and online marketing King! He will give you the best results taking your budget into consideration. He will help you increase your leads and your conversions. Not only does he do a great job, but also he has a great personality and is really fun to work with. He is one of my marketing «must-have's». "
Melissa Dawn — VP Marketing Herd Wisdom


"He went the extra mile over and over again"

"Alejandro is a very committed and loyal person. He went the extra mile over and over again, making sure to deliver projects on time, all the time. He is a great guy to have on a team. He radiates positive energy on all team members. He's become an expert paid search marketer."
Bruno Goulet — President-COO Biztree Inc.

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In the past 5 years I've worked with both local and global advertisers. Ranging from small heating and cooling companies, to international travel & retail conglomerates, large ecommerce retailers and B2B Software developers.

My favourite part of this journey is that it's never a one size fits all solution, each new partner shows up with a new challenge every time. new audiences, markets, niches, oportunities Etc.

The Internet provides the most measurable and quickest path to finding customers and it is always evolving with new tools, systems and oportunities to grow your audience and market share. Its exciting!

I tend to live on the internet but when I'm offline I'm out exercising, eating good food, learning about cultures and on the beach.. I love the beach!

Alejandro is reliable & delivers...

"Since day one, Arce Consulting has been phenomenal to work with. Alejandro is reliable & delivers on time and as expected. We were amazed at the potential of power and control we could have over our internet advertising when we first started working with him, and are even more impressed now. We are continuously surprised by Alejandro's innovative ideas and sharp internet models. Arce Consulting has made it easy to focus on what we love to do."
Anne Vida-Ikeda — Maïva Inc.


I felt supported and received the results I was looking for. Alejandro delivers.

"It was a pleasure to work with Alejandro. He made the entire experience easy, fun and completely tailored to my business. I really liked his message of staying true to my brand and only doing what I felt was 100% right for me and my business, it made me feel comfortable that he truly listened to what my needs were and needless to say I felt I was in good hands. Not only is Alejandro knowledgeable about online advertising, but with his direct communication style and no nonsense approach I was also completely confident in the work that he was doing and the guidance I received. I felt supported and received the results I was looking for. Alejandro delivers.
Cheryl Quart — Rise Coaching

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